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"'Why Good Love Goes Bad' is very readable and fills a gap in the relationship literature. I recommend it to my patients."   – Dr. Philip R. Reed, PsyD, Clinical and Neuropsychologist

"This book describes relationship issues in plain language with practical applications. I probably always knew this stuff, but I never thought about it consciously, and I'm sure I didn't follow it or I wouldn't have stayed in my marriage for 18 years. So, is this book insightful? Yes, because it brings relationship issues squarely into focus in the reader's consciousness. Is it useful? Where was this book 25 years ago when I needed it?  – Anonymous

"This book profoundly affected me. I want my 19 year old daughter to read it."  – Barbara Lopez, Corrales, NM

"I love this book."  – Maxie (Maxine Robichaud), Rome, Maine

"This is an eye opener for anyone who actually reads between the humorous and irreverent lines to gain real understanding. You really can't go wrong for the price. Better than Oprah and Dr. Phil combined."  – The Dog Diva (amazon.com review)

"Books that make you laugh are a good thing. Books that have a deeper under current of wisdom are even better. This book provided both for me and I would like to thank the author for the experience."  – KindleFool (amazon.com review)

"The emphasis on 'true' intimacy is really good.  It's something that's lacking in other relationship books."  – Marcia Salmon, North Belgrade, Maine

“This book is clear, straightforward, and practical. I want my daughter to read it.” – Rosie Hill, Corrales, NM

"My mom read this book and really liked it. She wants me to read it." – Haley Hoover, Corrales, NM

"I loved this book. All single people should read it. – Kay, USPS, Corrales, NM