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A Table of Contents


Chapter 1  The QUESTION and the ANSWER

Chapter 2  The 13 Laws of Relationships

Chapter 3  Law #1: If you’re not OK alone,  you won’t be OK together

Chapter 4  Law #2: Sex is really important

Chapter 5  Law #3: Base long-term relationships on more than physical attraction

Chapter 6  Law #4: You can’t change your partner through sheer force of will

Chapter 7  Law #5: If you’re in a codependent relationship, it will go badly

Chapter 8  Law #6: Trust, once broken, is almost impossible to restore

Chapter 9  Law #7: Cheating is lying and will kill trust

Chapter 10  Law #8: If you’re disrespectful to your partner, you will kill love

Chapter 11  Law #9: If you hit, you will kill love

Chapter 12  Law #10: Money issues become relationship issues

Chapter 13  Law #11: Kid issues become relationship issues

Chapter 14  Law #12: It’s OK to say NO

Chapter 15  Law #13:  Laughter is really important

Chapter 16  Almost a Law:  If you’re too young, your relationship may not last

Epilogue: Good luck – you’ll need it


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