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Many people enter new relationships with the same hope and excitement over and over again, only to have those relationships crash and burn – good love gone bad again and again. This book helps people understand what part they play in ruining these potentially good relationships. It describes how to choose a great relationship partner as well as how to develop more realistic expectations and relationship nourishing behaviors. It’s based on the “13 Laws of Relationships," and contains plain spoken pragmatic advice delivered from a man’s perspective in an irreverent and entertaining manner. The main points of each chapter are summarized in tear out pages that can be put on a wall, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, etc., to help the reader implement necessary changes so next time that promising new love could last – maybe forever. 

      The 13 Laws of Relationships

1.  If you’re not OK alone, you won’t be OK together.

2.  Sex is really important.

3.  Base long-term relationships on more than physical attraction.

4.  You cannot change your partner through sheer force of will.

5.  If you’re in a codependent relationship, it will go badly.

6.  Trust, once broken, is almost impossible to restore.

7.  Cheating is lying and will kill trust.

8.  If you’re disrespectful to your partner, you will kill love.

9.  If you hit, you will kill love.

10. Money issues become relationship issues.

11. Kid issues become relationship issues. 

12. It’s OK to say no.

13. Laughter is really important.

Almost a Law: If you’re too young, your relationship may not last.

   Even though this book is full of humor, its target purpose is deadly serious: increase the general happiness level of people by helping them to understand the mistakes they've made in their past relationships, so they can change their behavior, and stop making those same mistakes.

   This could be just another relationship book, but its special sauce is its insightful, irreverent, conversational, humorous, and direct guy style. Feel free to delve further into this book by reading the sample chapters, and if you decide to buy the book, just click on purchase this book.

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